1Z0-144 受験記、1Z0-144 資格模擬

NO.1 Which two statements are true about the handling of internally defined or user-defined PL7SQL
exceptions? (Choose two.)
A. Instead of adding exception handlers to your PL/SQL block, check for errors at every point where
they may occur.
B. An exception handler should commit the transaction.
C. Handle named exceptions whenever possible instead of using when others in exception handlers.
D. Add exception handlers whenever errors occur.
Answer: A,C

NO.2 Examine the following snippet of PL/SQL code:
View the exhibit for table description of EMPLOYEES table. The EMPLOYEES table has
200 rows.
Identify open statement for opening the cursor that fetches the result as consisting of employees
with JOB_ID as 'ST_CLERK' and salary greater than 3000.
A. OPEN c1 (3000, emp_salary);
B. OPEN c1 ('ST_CLERK', 3000)
C. OPEN c1 (NULL, 3000);
D. OPEN c1 (emp_job, 3000);
E. OPEN c1 (EMP_job, emp_salary);
Answer: B

1Z0-144 例題   

NO.3 Which two tasks should be created as functions instead of as procedures? (Choose two.)
A. Tasks that compute a value that must be returned to the calling environment
B. Tasks that compute and return multiple values to the calling environment
C. Reference host or bind variables in a PL7SQL block of code
D. Tasks performed in SQL that increase data independence by processing complex data analysis
within the Oracle server, rather than by retrieving the data into an application
Answer: A,C

1Z0-144 費用   
Functions are used to return a value. Functions must return only a single value.
Procedure are used to perform an action.
Both functions and procedures are using to do a special task or action. In functions it is
must to return a single value, where as in procedures it's not compulsory

NO.4 You create the following table and execute the following code:
Which statement is true about the outcome of the above code?
A. It gives an error but saves the inserted rows and the update to the first row.
B. It gives an error but saves the inserted rows; however, no rows are updated.
C. It executes successfully and all the rows are updated.
D. It gives an error and all the data manipulation language (DML) statements are rolled back
Answer: C

1Z0-144 対応   

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