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NO.1 Identify four methods that you can use to associate Comp Rate Code with a worker's record.
(Choose four.)
A. Assign Comp Rate Code to Job Code.
B. Assign Comp Rate Code to Position Data.
C. Assign Comp Rate Code to Salary Plan.
D. Assign Comp Rate Code to Salary Grade/Step.
E. Assign Comp Rate Code to Job Data.
F. Assign Comp Rate Code through the SENPAY functionality.
Answer: A,D,E,F

NO.2 In which two scenarios would you use Role-based data permission security method as
compared to Tree based? (Choose two.)
A. Your security structure is based largely on the organizational department structure.
B. Your organization is not hierarchical.
C. Users have access to data for people in specific areas of the organization.
D. Your organization structure is hierarchical.
E. You want a flexible way to grant security access to a person outside a department.
Answer: B,E

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NO.3 In order to set up a Seniority Pay component for worker's salary, what are the four MINIMUM
required steps to successfully save it in Comp Rate Code Table?
(Choose four.)
A. Enter a description.
B. Select a valid Rate Code Class.
C. Select a valid Rate Code Type.
D. Select the date to be used to calculate Seniority.
E. Select a Seniority Pay Group.
F. Enter a Currency Code.
Answer: A,B,C,D

1z0-416 ミシュレーション   

NO.4 You are helping an organization design its Human Resources table structure.
This organization has two divisions in the human resources department.
You need specific information on tax reporting.
Which question is appropriate to help you design the human resources table structure regarding tax
reporting and legal entities?
A. Ask how many different locations are in the U.S. and Canada.
B. Ask how the organization reports rollups on the Financial General Ledger.
C. Ask where most employees work.
D. Ask how many establishments the organization plans to set up.
E. Ask how many legal entities the organization reports to the various government agencies.
Answer: E

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ShikenPASSはすべての受験生たちにふさわしい問題集を提供して、受験生の人々に試験に無事に合格するのを助けることができます。我々は100%1z0-416 認定資格試験に合格するのを承諾することができます。失敗すると返金するのはあなたの不安を解除することができます。お客様は1z0-416 認定資格問題集を利用して試験に安心に合格することができます。

Oracleの1z0-416 認定資格試験の準備に悩んでいますか。このブログを見ればいいと思います。あなたはもうIT試験ソフトの最高のウェブサイトを見つけましたから。我々の問題集は最新版で全面的なのです。だからこそ、ITについての仕事に就職している多くの人は弊社のソフトを通してOracleの1z0-416 認定資格試験に合格しました。それに、ソフトを買ったあなたは一年間の無料更新サービスを得ています。ご安心で試験のために勉強します。

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